March Meet the Maker #marchmeetthemaker

I launched my stationery business September last year, and today I noticed my Instagram was flooding with photos of lovely makers which I follow. I wondered what all this was about. 

It turns out @joannehawker created an Instagram challenge for makers to post daily about themselves and their brand. In turn allowing their following to get to know them better throughout March.

I wanted to post about this, as the concept was new to me and I immediately searched for who created the challenge and what to do. 

Here was the post in question which details the daily breakdown of the challenge. Keep reading to find out what I posted. 

Go here to download your free planner on Joanne's website.

Go here to download your free planner on Joanne's website.

I'm Grace, a trained designer. I left my full time design job at Burberry last May to pursue freelance projects as well as launching Meylor in September. I love luxury, high quality products and wanted to offer a elegant design led approach to Stationery. I am proud to have explored a variety of premium stocks in my products. My launch collections consist of my hand lettering and illustrations. Florals play a big part. I was living in London until I launched my business, I now live in the semi rural Buckinghamshire. With two Border Collies! #marchmeetthemaker